Do virtual teams work?

Virtual teams can be an excellent means of completing research or projects you could not undertake on your own, and to increase their chance of working here are some points to check at the outset:

  • Is the purpose of the project clear to every member of the team?
  • Have you set up an effective means of communication?
  • Have you sourced funding and identified all potential costs?
  • Has the team got the skill sets required to complete the project?
  • Is everyone committed to completing the project?  Can they allocate the time required? 
  • Will all team members benefit in some way through participating?
  • Has the team structure been agreed?
  • Will the team be able to access any IT resources required for the project?

A library partnership tool


At CILIP HLG this year, I promised to present the feedback from my workshop to participants and to build a framework for key collaborative initiatives.   Over the next few weeks, I’ll update this site with as much as information as possible – existing partnerships, tools for effective collaborating, networking possibilities, possible sources of funding plus anything else you might suggest.

Back soon!